Pandemonium in Maiduguri as Malian Criminal Cult groups clash in Maiduguri

By: Zagazola Makama

There was pandemonium on Monday as a popular crime group known as "Marlia boys clashed in Maiduguri, burning shops and injuring many.

The criminal group is known for attacking citizens and snatching their mobile phones and other belongings, a situation which resulted in loss of several lives and severe injuries inflicted on innocent citizens in the state.

The Marlian group have been engaging in several clashes with different cult groups battling for control.

Zagazola gathered that the latest encounter occurred on 10/07/2023 at about 12:15pm when the criminal groups armed with machetes set fire to a shop and destroyed property at Maiduguri, Bolori 2, IVO behind Covid-19 Isolation Center.

The shop owner, a local hunter, fled while residents in the area were forced to scamper for safety.

The attack is supposedly a reprisal against the shop owner, as the owner and a member of the criminal group fought around 0000hrs this morning. During an altercation, the shop owner stabbed and killed a member of the criminal group.

Recall that, Disturbed by the spate of urban gangsterism perpetrated by the criminal gangs, residents of Maiduguri have been demanding for aggressive action from the security agencies against the group.

Several arrests were made in the past but the group were recently growing in numbers and have been recruiting more members into their fold.

The unrest may also generally escalate in the surrounding area, with risk to bystanders. The fire may also spread

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