Army troops Neutralize several terrorists in Kankara, stormed bandits enclave as 30 captives escaped

By: Zagazola Makama

Troops of the Nigerian Army deployed for Counter terrorism operations in the North West of Katsina State on Tuesday July 9, 2024, nutrialised six terrorists in outskirts of Kankara town in Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State.

Intelligence sources told Zagazola Makama, that the actinng on intelligence, the troops spotted a group of bandits on motorcycles with various varieties of weapons while planning to attack the town and disrupt market activities.

The sources disclosed they the security forces, responded swiftly and engaged the bandits in a hot chase, resulting in the neutralization of six of them while several others escaped with gunshot wounds.

On July 10, 2024, the troops launched another offensive operation against the fleeing bandits' in in their hideout in Bakkai village, Kankara Local Government Area.

The operation led to the neutralization of several terrorists, recovery of some AK-47 rifles and the escape of 30 kidnapped hostages.

One kidnapped victim, 23-year-old Suleiman Tanimu from Anguwan Gangare in Kankara town, managed to escape when the bandits were distracted by burying their dead.

Tanimu revealed that there were over 30 victims who escaped, but they dispersed in different directions to return to their villages.

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