Zagazola - Killing of Deborah and enemies of Islam

Killing of Deborah and enemies of Islam

One of my compelling admonitions is study a religion and not ADVOCATES or those who prophes the faith. That way, you comprehend better the faith and those who act albeit wrongly in the name of that religion.

The killing today in Sokoto State of Deborah Yakubu Emanuel is not just wrong, but barbaric, inhuman and Islamic. Like Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah said in his released, there is nothing religious in the killing, but a pure criminal act and should be treated as such.

Whatever the crime or offence of Deborah, she is not alive to defend herself. That even complicates the scenario further.

Some Muslims would support that mob action and even call some of us names. That doesn't justify the acts of these misguided youths who brazenly bragged to the camera how he set the lady ablaze.

Sadly, some of these boys are limited in worldview, horizon and barely know anything beyond their environment.

Sadly also, some non muslims are utilizing this act to generally insult Islam and muslims. The best should be, they, asking to be educated on what Islam says and the rulings on such acts.

For those defending jungle justice; imagine a man scaled the fence into your family house and killed your father. Instead of apprehending him and handing him over to the authorities, you and your family members hacked him to death in the name of he killed your father.

His family then came forward and reports your family to the authorities. You and your entire family will rot in jail. No one should be an accuser, a lawyer, a judge and executioner. No one.

Good enough, the perpetrator confessed on camera that he was responsible. The task of the authorities is made easier.

Like Bishop said, Muslims and Christians have been cohabiting peacefully in Sokoto without such intolerable acts. All, especially Christians should exercise restraint and not heed the uncharitable calls by some misguided people who would want to see the society in chaos.

For those who sees this as license to pour invectives on Islam and Muslims, go educate yourself about Islam to blur your ignorance.

Go study the acts of Prophet Muhammad SAW on how he relates and dealt with non muslims, those who antagonized him, attacked him, insulted him, made several attempts to kill him, put him in harm's way. That way, you will how perfect Islam is and imperfect some Muslims are.

Failure to bring the perpetrator of this barbaric act to justice, may open a floodgate of religious intolerance in the caliphate.

But the statement of the Sultanate is a soothing balm. In the eternal words of Sheikh Uthman Danfodio, a nation can survive atheism et al, but can not survive injustice.

This, however, is not a license to blaspheme.

Did Deborah blaspheme? She is dead and gone and cant defend herself.

May God save us from us.