New Criminal Gang “Malians" terrorizes Maiduguri resident


Zagazola Makama 


There's a recent emergence of a new criminal gang group in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State  known as "Malians".


According to credible sources, the members of the group made up of the male gender keep dreadlocks as their hairstyle. They operate in some parts of the MMC and Jere in the state  capital. 


Some of the areas include;  Kaleri London Chiki, Gwange Sabon Layi, 

Jajeri, Baga road behind Texaco filling station, Jiddari Polo,Bulunkutu Yan Nono, Ajilari Cross, Ngomari Airport,  Sajeri, Ngomari Airport, 

Bulumkuttu Kasuwa, and Umarari areas.


They specialized in phone snatching, robbery, and indiscriminate killing of individuals they targeted.


Recently their activities have stretched around Hebron Foods at West End and the Gidan Madara area, especially the Today’s Store.


A security assessment unveiled that the operatives target high-profile locations such as restaurants, shopping complexes, and event centers. They also silently infiltrate residents in the late hours of the night in the above-named locations. 


In the face of the economic downturn and its dire effect on the standard of living of the masses, the incidence of neighborhood theft and petty robbery have been on the increase.


From the victim’s experiences, the criminal group operates and escapes with ease, without any threat or intimidation. Unlike the normal practice, the crimes are carried out in broad daylight, and in some instances at night time while recent reports from the security forces/Nigeria Police Force (SF/NPF) lay credence to this, as arrests made in recent time have indicated that suspects regularly paraded are petty thieves, looking for what to eat. 


The Borno Command of the Nigeria police force have intensified patrols on black spots within the metrolist to arrest some of the criminals gangs.


The evolving threat of criminal gangs is also linked to the incidence of attacks on shops and petty traders, which is now very prevalent in Maiduguri Metro. The majority of their victims are traders operating in isolated or quiet areas where the thieves can operate without hindrance.

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