Niger forces apprehended Nigeria’s top bandit kingpin KACHALLAH MAI DAJI

By: Zagazola Makama

The Niger Armed Forces(FAN) have succeeded in apprehended a Nigerian notorious bandit kingpin, KACHALLAH MAI DAJI, Illela near the border between Nigeria to Niger.

KACHALLAH MAI DAJI has killed dozens of people, burnt down villages, kidnapped hundreds and impost levies on villages for almost ten years.

He was known for terrorizing the people around the North East of Illela like, Tozai, Sabon Garin Darna, Darna Tsolawo, Tudun Gudali, Basanta, Ɗan Kadu, Takalmawa, Gidan Hamma, Ambarura, Gidan Bulutu and many other surrounding villages.

He was apprehended by Nigeriene forces when he tried to rustled livestock through the country border.

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