Terrorists Seize Humanitarian Aid Vehicle in Niger! 


Suspected ISWAP terrorists launched a daring attack, seizing a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to CADEV, an NGO affiliated with CRS (Catholic Relief Services) on Friday. The NGO, dedicated to humanitarian aid and feeding refugees in Niger Republic, was ambushed between Gargada and Gagamari, along Diffa-Maine Soroa road.


Tragically, the terrorists unleashed gunfire during the assault, resulting in the death of the driver. Another official sustained gunshot wounds but remains in stable condition.


The vehicle’s tracking data uncovered its location across the border in Yobe State, Nigeria. Intelligence sources revealed to Phantom Eye that the area serves as a stronghold for ISWAP.


This incident vividly highlights the dangers faced by humanitarian organizations in conflict zones. The loss of the vehicle disrupts critical aid delivery efforts, especially for vulnerable populations, predominantly Nigerian refugees in Niger Republic.

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