**Burkina Faso: Over 150 Terrorists Neutralized in Yamba Operation**

In a significant military operation on June 25-26, 2024, Burkina Faso's 20th Rapid Response Battalion (BIR), in coordination with aerial support, successfully neutralized over 150 terrorists in Yamba, Gourma region. According to updated military reports, the operation also resulted in the seizure of substantial amounts of military equipment.

On June 25, a large group of terrorists attempted to block the 20th BIR's advance towards Gayéri. Demonstrating remarkable courage and determination, the BIR forces managed to eliminate many of the attackers before aerial units joined the battle.

The engagement over June 25-26 resulted in 103 terrorist casualties on the ground, with an additional fifty neutralized by subsequent drone strikes. As the BIR continued towards Gayéri, the fleeing assailants were monitored by aerial surveillance.

A missile strike eliminated a group of terrorists who had sought refuge under a large tree. Another group, hiding in an abandoned hamlet, was precisely targeted and hit by the air force. A third group, mistakenly believing themselves safe in a dealership, was also obliterated by an airstrike.

Following the Yamba operation, air support units moved to assist friendly forces in Noaka, North Central region, on June 27. Here, they continued their pursuit, targeting and eliminating terrorists fleeing northward.

This series of coordinated strikes highlights the effectiveness of the combined ground and air strategies employed by Burkina Faso's military in countering terrorist threats.

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