NAF Aircraft Bombard Terrorist Hideouts in Mandara Mountain

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has eliminated several terrorists and destroyed their structures in the Mandara mountains. 


The air strikes, carried out in the early hours of July 3, 2024, targeted known terrorist hideouts in Degbewa and Chinene.


According to a statement by Air Vice Marshal Edward Gabkwet, Director of Public Relations and Information, NAF, the air strikes followed several days of aerial surveillance, which revealed a significant gathering of terrorists in the area.


 The surveillance also identified the locations as suspected sites for manufacturing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and storing weapons.


The terrorists, apparently unaware of the impending attack, were observed loitering in the vicinity, giving the NAF aircraft multiple opportunities to bombard the locations in several passes.


 Those who attempted to flee were also taken out using canons.


The NAF's successful operation is a significant blow to terrorist activities in the region, and a testament to the military's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of citizens.

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