NAF strike kills scores of terrorists in Zamfara forest

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has intensified its air strikes on terrorists’ hideouts to further decimate terrorist elements and ensure the safety of civilians in the region. 

The latest air strikes conducted on ALHAJI LAWALI DUMBULU CAMP 1 in Birnin Magaji LGA of Zamfara State were executed with precision and effectiveness. 

Following intelligence reports indicating the presence of terrorists and their hideouts in the area, NAF aircraft swiftly targeted and neutralized the threat, leaving several terrorists incapacitated, and their hideouts were set ablaze.

A post-strike Battle Damage Assessment confirmed the successful neutralization of terrorist elements. However, it was observed that some bandits attempted to regroup in the vicinity. 

In response, additional passes were made by NAF jets, resulting in the elimination of more bandits and ensuring the complete degradation of their capabilities to launch attacks on innocent civilians and surface forces. 

Furthermore, the impact of the strikes extends beyond Zamfara State, as they have significantly degraded the capabilities of terrorist elements operating in neighboring regions.

The NAF remains resolute in its mission to rid the country of terrorism and insurgency, and it will continue to collaborate with other security agencies to achieve lasting peace and security across Nigeria.

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