Two bandit Leaders Sani Dangote, Lamo Saude, killed in rival clash in Zamfars


By: Zagazola Makama


Atleast two bandit leaders Sani Dangote and Lamo Saude along with 38 other fighters  were killed in a deadly rival clash in Zamfara State.


The clash occurred on Sunday April 7, 2024 at Dumburum Village of Zurmi Local Government Area.


Intelligence sources told Zagazola Makama, that the clash began late afternoon when Sani Dangote and Lamo Saude, launched a fresh assault on Gwaska Dankarami’s camp. 


The clash was said to be traced back to the killing of Dangote’s younger brother known as “Mallam” by Dankarami. 


It was gathered that Dankarami had sent an invitation to Dangote requesting for reconciliations but little did he know that Dangote had a plan to attack him.


In the heavy gun battle that ensued, Dankarami overpowered the other group and nutrialised them. He also seized their weapons and motorcycles while other fighters fled.


More to come…

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