Troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), have eliminated atleast 18  Boko Haram/Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) in a massive joint clearance operation in the frindges of the LakeChad, Zagazola Learnt.

It was gathered that the week-long  unprecedented clearance operations, swept through Malam Fatori, Gashigar,  Talata Ngam, 
Larki A & B and Kagarwa Terrorists hideouts along the border villages in Abadam Local Government Area in Borno state.
A top Military Intelligence Officer, told Zagazola Makama, that the troops of the MNJTF  inflicted heavy human and equipment casualties on the Boko Haram/ISWAP Terrorists in an engagement in the early hour of April 3, 2022, in  Gashigar, after they confronted the force.
The sources said that a gun battle which lasted for hours ensued, resulting to the  elimination of 10 Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists, while four of their guntrucks were destroyed. 
The sources explained that two soldiers were wounded  in action while 9 AK 47 rifles, and 
1 X Bicycle, among other items were recovered in the aftermath of the encounter.
"The force subsequently continued its advancement toward TALATA NGAM,  On 4 Apr 22, contact was made at Larki, a border village which was said to be a meeting point of the insurgents, during which 3 terrorists were killed and one Guntruck was destroyed,"said the source. 
According to him, "The enemy also  attacked own troops  in their harbour area near Kangarwa. The attack was decisively dealt with which resulted to the killing of  5 more  Boko Haram/ISWAP criminals and recovering  5 Ak 47, 2 motorcycles, rounds of ammunition and over 40 bags of beans destroyed,"he said.
The unrelenting Task Force  continued local clearance operations in search for the adversaries around Baga. The insurgents took to their heels as the force projected towards Garere and Cross Kauwa. 
The Sources said that the successes was achieved under the MNJTF Operation Lake Sanity and Desert Sanity Phase 2, Operation Hadin Kai.
He said that  renewed vigour to flush out the remnants of the terrorists around the fringes of the Lake Chad region and other part of the Northeast, was inline with determination to ensure to end the war and restore  total peace in the country. 
A Frontline Sources told Zagazola that the Force Commander of MNJTF, while  charging the Task Forces of Operation  LAKE SANITY, charged them  to  maintained their momentum towards routing out the Terrorists in their enclaves.
He also  assured that  the MNJTF and Operation Hadin Kai will continue to  work together toward restoring total sanity in the Lake Chad.
The sources said  that  "Both the Force Commander MNJTF and the Theartre Commander  Operation  Hadin Kai have commended the troops and urge them to remained steadfast and dogged.
The source further added that the troops were equally tasked to carry out unrelenting pursuit since others have been given the opportunity to surrender and they did. 
"The sustained ongoing battlefield regional COIN efforts of the Airforce of Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon has been very phenomenal, The Force Commander was quoted as saying. End
Zagazola Makama is a Security Analyst and a  Counter Insurgency Expert in the Lake Chad.

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