Diary of an 8 year-old boy kidnapped by Boko Haram from Cameroon

While the world focused on Boko Haram’s mass abduction of women and girls, the terrorist group was stealing an even greater number of boys.

Thousands of boys were abducted by the group and trained in boot camps in forest hide-outs and abandoned villages.

The Little child said he was abducted when he was at the age of four in kaburi village in Borneri in Cameroon Republic when the Boko Haram attacked his village.

He said my parents were in Cameroon, I didn't see them for about 4 to 5 years now, After I was abducted, I have been planing to to escape. There was a time when we planned to escape, some people, 3 of them with guns and stick caught us and returned us back.

"When I saw this car (troops) I ran and came to them thinking that they will return me back to my father. I am not enjoying the forest, its bad, I'm looking for where my mother is for long, don't you see how I have been suffering,"he recounted.

Questions: How are you cutting your hairs ?
He said here in the camp, there is nothing to use cut my hairs, I neither have a razor, there was a time that someone help me with scissors, which I used to cut my hair.

Questions: where are you getting food?
Ans: I Usually beg before getting something to eat from families that we are living with. Also there is a care giver, a women that we use to work for her, like farming and fetching water and other menial work , she gives us food for the work.

Question : Do you speak shuwa , Fulani ?
Ans: I only speak kanuri , I'm kaburi of Borneri in Cameroon.

Questions: When we return you back, would you return back to Bush again?
Ans: I don't want to go back , I'm currently looking for where my mother is.

Questions: which kind of drugs are you taking?
Ans: I'm not taking any drugs.

Question: what do you see Boko Haram doing?
Ans: I'm seeing them chasing the soldiers?

Question: So you have money that was kept her?
Ans: I have nothing with me.

Questions: what about your cloths?
Ans : I have only one cloth with me and while I was running, I tear it up.

Question: How old are you when you were abducted?
Ans: " I was very young when I was abducted, I'm like 4 years old then.

Questions: How long have you stayed with them ?
Ans: "I have stayed for more than 4 years.

Questions: How many people do you see with gun in Markas?
Ans : In Markas There are many with guns and there are people that don't have gun.

Question: Which gun did they have.
Ans: they were holding gun that have long mouth, 3 people have that kind of gun.

Question: Have you shot a gun before.
Ans: I never hold a gun, and also I will take you to their place.

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