B/Haram: Preach Peace Now Or We All Consume – Comr Bulama

The Chairman Network of Civil Society Organisations Borno State, Comrade Bulama Abiso has said it imperative for all citizen to involve in peacebuilding, to preach and embrace peace failure to do so, everyone would be consumed.

Comrade Bulama gave this warning during inaugural ceremony of taskforce members in MMC & Jere LGAs on countering violence extremism Messaging/ Misinformation organised by Media Communication for Health and Development Initiative (MCHDI) held in Maiduguri that everyone should act because the country need peace now than ever.

He urged while addressing the newly swearing-in taskforce members that Boko Haram insurgents leverage on ignorant of the people to convey extremism narrative and there is urgent need to change their wrong messages.

“Our community needs peace, peace can not be achieved while seating on the grounds. Peace can only be achieved if all of us preach peace, talk peace, can also put in a peaceful manner.

“We need our community to be trained in counter violence extremism to change the mind set of individual, it will help stop spreading of negative narrative that any person can bring. We must be deliberate and intentional about this, if not we will be consume by this delusions.

“We have suffered a lot and we are still suffering due to forceful narrative that was spread years ago so our youths need to be the agent of peace.

“We need peace in our country more than ever, I think this is idea behind this project to bring peace to our community. We have to stand up and counter forceful narrative that will not help our youths to be of good behaviour,” he said.

In her opening remarks, The Executive Director (MCHDI) Mrs Pauline Ibrahim said the project was funded by USAID, supported by the Nigeria Northeast Connection and implemented by (MCHDI) with aimed to correct some extremist messages with right and peaceful messages to the youths through taskforce members.

“Everything we are doing is to restore peace, we just commission our taskforce that are going to be working in the community, and our targets audience are mostly youths, this will help to reduce extremism messages among the youths and general populace.” Pauline said.

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