How Military eliminated over 117 bandits in a devastating Airstikes in NW

By: Zagazola Makama

The troops of Operation HADARIN DAJI under the command of the General officer Commanding 8 Division has eliminated over 100 bandits in a coordinated Airstrikes on the road Sageko Malekachi village in Kebbi state.

Intelligence sources told Zagazola Makama, a Counter Insurgency Expert and Security Analyst in the Lake Chad region that the Airstikes was achieved after intelligence report indicated massing up of bandits terrorists in MADADA in MARU LGA of ZAMFARA STATE in the afternoon of Tuesday 11 Oct 23.

The sources said that the bandits later moved towards Kebbi State with the intention of attacking troops' locations as well as other soft targets in the state. But they later reversed in DAN GURGU village when they got information of blocking forces in BENA and MALEKACHI.

He said that the bandits later abandoned their evil missions and withdraw back towards DAN SADAU, MARU LGA of ZAMFARA State

Consequently, the Air Force Component of Operation Hadarin Daji were deployed to trail and engaged them in DAN MANI between 0130 – 0230 hours, resulting to the elimination of over 100 bandits.

The troops also mobilized to the scene and nutrialised additional 17 bandits attempting to flee the scene.
17 motorcycles were burnt, 1 damaged Ak47 rifle recovered and 17 rounds of 7.2 MM Special Ammo recovered.

It was also discovered that a mass burial bandits were conducted in SANGEKO in NIGER State and BABBAN DOKA in MARU LGA of ZAMFARA State while several wounded bandits were intercepted
in BABBAN DOKA as at 121200A Oct 23.

The military leadership commend the troops for their vigor, resilient and prompt response to distress call which led to the mass elimination of the bandits.

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