Zagazola - Military clears 24 more Boko Haram/ISWAP camps, killed scores  in Borno  

Military clears 24 more Boko Haram/ISWAP camps, killed scores  in Borno



By; Zagazola Makama


The Nigerian Army have reportedly cleared 24  more Boko Haram/ Islamic State of the West African terrorists camps in an extreme intrusion into the insurgents enclaves in Sambisa forest in the North East of  Borno state.


In a major boost, troops of the 402 Special Forces Brigade, comprising of 134, 198 and 199 Special Forces  Battallions, under the Operation Hadin Kai's second phase of Desert Sanity, cleared the terrorists camps in the axis of Bama Local Government Areas.

An Intelligence Officer, told Zagaza Makama, a Counter Insurgency Expert and Security Analyst in the Lake Chad, that the camps included those at Mantari, Gapchari, Ngalmari, Malumbori, Kyautari, Malmatari, Kanari, Kajimari, Ngauramari and Yusufari among others.


He listed others to include Karimi, Jaltawa,  Bula Galda, Yale, Bone, Shigabaja, Dole, Chingori, Ukcha, Dalbo Jibrin, Dagumba Zainabe, Dagumba Shettimari, Yerimari and Amchile


He added that during the joint offensive, scores of the  Boko Haram/ISWAP  terrorists including a top Commander, Adamu Ngulde, met their waterloo in the hands of the gallant troops, forcing dozens of them to surrender while morethan 900 women and children were so far rescued.


The Competent Military sources  said some of the terrorists fled, abandoning their weapons, and belongings while the  Mujahedeens who escaped the military's onslought were evacuated to Zangiri, Koroshirili Ali Kanzari, Bashari and Kardari, a location which would be used for the treatment of wounded fighters.


Maj. Gen. Christopher Musa, The Theartre Commander Operation Hadin Kai, said in his recent interview that it's has successfully cleared the general area of Sambisa and Timbuktu Triangle which used to be the strongest holds of the terrorists. 


He said "We have moved on beyond Gwoza to Sambisa clearing the entire general area. This is the much I can tell you for now. All what these criminals are doing now is hit and run. 


"We have uprooted them from all their strongholds. The same applies with the Timbuktu triangle and we have made so much progress. We are grateful for the input from our Chief because now we have been further empowered with more equipments. And by the grace of God, we are making progress.


"All the criminals are doing now is what you described as hit and run. We have uprooted them from all their strongholds. 


"They don’t have permanent bases anymore. We have started “Operation Desert Sanity” while the Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) is conducting “Operation lake sanity”. 


"Normally, when you strike here, they run to either Niger, Chad or one of those countries. But now the MNJTF is making sure they are trapped, while we make progress from here ensuring that they don’t have were to run,"said Musa.