NAF obliterate scores of Bandits in Tsafe, Zamfara

By: Zagazola Makama

The Nigerian Airforce have naturalized scores of bandits in damaging airstrikes in Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara state.

Military sources confirmed to Zagazola Makama that the airstrikes were conducted
in two locations on Wednesday March 27, 2024, at Magazu Village, Gidan Giye and Kachallah Hassan Nabamu camp, in Tsafe LGA.

Sources said that the gunbattle began with ground troops of Operation Hadarin Daji who repelled the bandits as they attempted to infiltrate Gidan Giye in Tsafe. After their defeat by the the troops, the bandits immediately called for reinforcement.

Soon, the bandits started converging at Tabanni, Magazu and Kachallah Hassan Nabamu villages in an efforts to carry out attacks in Tsafe from different front.

The sources said that NAF assets was detailed to conduct aerial patrols where its identified the terrorists moving in a large convoys of about 50 motorcycles conveying two fighters around Magazu.

The sources said that the attack aircraft delivered at least four full packages of shawarma, Zobo and Sausages, which scored a divaststing hits, leading to the neutralization of scores of the fighters.

The sources said that the surviving bandits were visibly seen scampering for safety in different directions while the strike was taking place.

The aftermath of the strikes later revealed the obliteration of almost 37 motorcycles and the terrorists on them while dead bodies were seen all over the places at Kachallah Hassan Nabamu camp in Tsafe.

Zagazola understands that some of the bandits leaders and fighters are currently at Asola village for a condolence visiting following killing of their fighters by the troops of Operation Hadarin Daji.

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