Zagazola - Niger Remains an Essential Member of the Multinational Joint Task Force

Niger Remains an Essential Member of the Multinational Joint Task Force

The attention of Multinational Joint Task Force ( MNJTF) has been drawn to inaccurate media reports by section of Nigerian media on the alleged withdrawal of Sector 4 Niger from the MNJTF. We would like to categorically state that these insinuations are baseless and lack any official correspondence, and Niger remains an integral member of the MNJTF.

The MNJTF was established with the objective of creating a safe and secure environment in areas affected by activities of Boko Haram and other terrorist groups. Niger, along with other member countries, provides crucial support in achieving this mandate. We want to emphasize that at no point has there been any official communication regarding Niger's withdrawal or exit from the MNJTF. These insinuations undermine the collaborative efforts and commitment of all member countries in their fight against terrorism and insecurity in the region.

We urge media outlets and individuals to verify information from credible sources before broadcasting or disseminating it further. The MNJTF is committed to promoting peace, security, and stability in the region, and we emphasize the importance of accurate reporting to maintain public trust and confidence in our collective efforts.


Lieutenant Colonel
Chief Military Public Information Officer
Ndjamena - Chad
19 November 2023