Chad recovers 6,000 assorted arms and ammunition from residents, cordon and search Operations in 1 year
By: Zagazola Makama 
The Chadian Government have recovered over 6,000 assorted arms and ammunition  in the last one year.
It was gathered that the weapons were recovered by incentives from the civillians and cordon and search and other operations within Chad Republic.
Zagazola Makama, A Counter Insurgency Expert and Security Analyst in the Lake Chad report that the weapons were displayed by the The Joint Disarmament Commission of Chad.
This underscores the need for greater collaboration with neighboring countries as the Illicit circulations of weapons and ammunition represents one of the primary conflict drivers in the LCB.
The fact that these weapons are not manufactured in these countries and if they can travel to these countries they can certainly move further to Nigeria.  .
It is a general knowledge that the proliferation of pre-2011 Libyan stockpiles and leftovers from other conflicts in Africa are the main sources of weapons and ammunition held by ISWAP and Boko Haram insurgents.
Main sources of illicit materiel are diversions from regional national stockpiles (mainly through raids and theft, and corruption to a lesser extent), materiel ‘recycled’ from previous conflicts in the region.

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