By: Zagazola Makama


Terrorists' operational activities unlike before are on the decline. Aside from making the general view of the group as potent; ISWAP has actually diffused its activities to organised crime. This is premised on a series of frustrations especially failed attack attempts on troops. Yet, this is also recurring with the terrible spate of IED attacks on major supply routes.


But while considering the optics ISWAP is into more organised crimes to fill the gaps. The increased rate of arson, armed robbery, cattle rustling, extortion, vandalism and kidnapping amongst others is extremely more prevalent than any act of terrorism. ISWAP's major tool to emancipate its activities is showcased on AMAQ media News to only boost an image of potency with falsified claims of immense success. The group has now seen value to suppress the peace by sabotaging electricity poles and creating an avenue for the group to remain active. 


On Dec 28, 2023, the terrorists sabotaged yet another 330KVA  transmission line at the Yanayakiri- Garin Kuturu of Jakana in Kaga Local Government Area.The despondent terrorists believe that by doing so, they are punishing everybody by crippling the economy of the rich and the poor masses in Maiduguri. The terrorists were said to have alleged that the local populations were exposing their locations to the military, and therefore must be punished. 


It is due to the frustrations that ISWAP terrorists have resorted to attack on Power Installations in 2 notable instances on 15 and 28 Dec 23. Hence the failure of the group to comprehend that the Federal Government had successfully completed the Installation of the 50-megawatt Power Plant which was commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari, on March 2, 2023. The Gas plant was designed to enhance reliable and sustainable electricity generation without fully depending on the YEDC facilities. This goes forth to say the continued efforts by ISWAP may lead to very little impact if the objective is to make everyone suffer and to recognise their presence. 


Smarting from sustained offensive military operations that have weakened their strength and compelled defections, mass surrender of members to the troops, ISWAP terrorists have resorted to organised crimes. Apparently, ISWAP and Boko Haram terrorists have in the past few months changed their war strategies from fighting to establish Islamic Caliphate to armed robbery, attacking farmers, villages, and people scavenging for metals since they no longer have the capacity nor freedom of action to attack military installations or super camps.


The ISWAP has no firm grip on the population but forces its foot-soldiers to main and  kill vulnerable communities and persons like firewood/ charcoal vendors, metal scrapers, farmers and fishermen. It is a pathetic state of ISWAP defeat being transformed to keep the name of the group in circulation.