Niger begins negotiation with terrorists, released 86 terrorists including top Commanders

In the face of escalating violence and insecurity, General Tiani has been desperately seeking channels of discussion through his Interior Minister, General Toumba, to start negotiations with terrorist groups. As part of this strategy, 86 terrorists have been released from the anti-terrorist cell as well as other prisons, including those in Kollo (6) and Koutoukalé.

Among the freed are notorious terrorist leaders such as Dandjou Aliou, Haroun Boubacar, Altini Bella, Kabirou Bazo, and others. Yet this approach has been strongly discussed by Tiani and his generals, to justify their package, who feel it weakens the state's position against terrorists.

To partly counteract the refusal of the soldiers from Tilia's base to go to the field for operations, the junta decided to use Tillabéri' 535 repentant terrorists. These former terrorists are preparing to take oath, in Diffa, and to be deployed in the regions of Diffa, Tillabéri and Tahoua.

The Strategic Alliance between JNIM and EIGS

One of the most worrying developments in the security situation in Niger is the strategic and operational alliance recently formed between JNIM (Islamic and Muslim Support Group) and EIGS (Islamic State in the Sahara).

This alliance, concluded a few days ago in Niger, aims to coordinate their actions from the southwest, particularly in Park W, to the midwest, covering the border areas with Burkina Faso, the three border area, and the Malian border. This enhanced cooperation between two major terrorist groups emphasizes the security threat in the region.

The deteriorating security situation is perhaps the most alarming reflection of the junta's inability to ensure stability in Niger. The Armed Terrorist Groups (GAT) have stepped up their activities since the coup, killing more than 229 soldiers in just three months.

The EIGS siege of Takanamatt remains etched in memories as a tragic illustration of insecurity's rise, with more than 100 soldiers killed. Traumatized Tilia soldiers refuse to go on patrol. Some survivors have even left their positions, dropping off their uniforms, disappointed by the junta’s inability to lead them effectively.

The regions of Anzourou to Terra, from Abala to Filingué, and up to Tebaram, Afalla and Takanamatt, are now under the watch of terrorists who enforce their law with a daily procession of forced zakat, cattle abduction and murders.

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