Niger: Two terrorist leaders captured in an operation by Niger and French armies

Niger and French soldiers operating in the three-border areas neutralized several jihadists and captured two terrorist leaders actively wanted in Burkina Faso.

The feats was achieved in a joint air-ground operations currently by the Nigeriene and French special forces in Gorouol, not far from Burkina Faso and Mali.

During the operations in the Dolbel sector, Bankilaré prefecture, two terrorist leaders actively wanted and whose heads are priced by Burkinabe military authorities were captured by the Nigerian and French commandos of Operation Munatare 4 (“We are together” in) Hausa local language).

The suspects included; Abou Maryam aka Zaïd, was apprehended in the village of Ingra, located north of Yatakala. Zaid was the Attorney General of the EIGS, that is, the Supreme Judge of all the abducted persons in the three border area.

The second one is the terrorist leader Sita Ousseini aka Loukouman. He was arrested between the villages of Lamdou and Amarsingue, not far from the city of Tera.

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