Zagazola - CDS calls for enhanced joint trainings towards operational efficiency

CDS calls for enhanced joint trainings towards operational efficiency


By: Zagazola Makama 


The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Christopher Musa, on Monday emphasized the need for enhanced joint training and exercises within the Armed Forces of Nigeria to ensure operational efficiency.


Musa made the call at the opening of the Strategic National Security Exercise (Ex STRANEX), organized by the National Defence College (NDC) in collaboration with Services’ War Colleges in Abuja.


He said the armed forces are currently fighting asymmetric war and various forms of security challenges that require special joint trainings to build the requisite capacities.


Musa said the join training efforts are aimed at improving the competencies of personnel in line with his leadership concept which has “professional forces with people-centric and proactive”.


He said the military would continue to provide support to Nigeria Police and other security agencies internally, to enable them achieve success in a joint environment since no individual organization could do it alone.


According to him, it is pertinent to state that the armed forces are continuously advancing new training strategies aimed at buildings and strengthening resilience on the conduct of joint operations among the services.


“Recently, the training curriculum of the services war colleges were harmonised to provide the right training package for operational level commander to gain requisite proficiency in the conduct of joint military operations.


In line with this, the Defence Headquarters approved the conduct of this joint training exercise to create opportunity for participants across the armed forces and sister agencies.


“This will help to synchronize efforts between the military strategic and operational levels of command.


“It is my belief that this training exercise will in no small measure better the lot of the participants in the conduct of joint operation and advanced strategic military and operational levels,’’ he said.


Musa said this is even more expedient as the environment in which the armed forces operate are becoming increasingly complex and uncertain.


He said recently, the armed forces have the Niger Republic crisis and are currently  working to see how to handle it without any bloodshed.


“Thus, to be effective and efficient, we must train together at every given opportunity under conditions that are as realistic as possible,” he said.


The Commandant of NDC, Rear Adm. Olumuyiwa Olotu, said the various security threats confronting the country are constantly evolving  beyond the scope of a single service or agency.


The commandant of NDC attributed this to the need for a seamless interface to tackle the dynamics of those challenges.


Olotu said that combating the challenges posed by contemporary security threats required realistic and effective joint operations, adding that training institutions must continually be forward-thinking and innovative in the execution of their training mandates.


“In line with this reality, the DHQ has shown increasing commitment to intensifying joint training exercises as contained in the Training Directive.


This brought about the harmonization of NDC Ex CRISIS MANAGEMENT and Ex SKY LOCK of the Services’ War Colleges to be conducted as a joint training exercise commencing this year.


“Ex STRANEX is originally designed to practice and develop participants’ understanding and skills in the art of Strategic Decision-Making Process during crisis management using the elements of national power.


“The Ex STRANEX is set at both the grand strategic, military strategic and operational levels to aid proper understanding of Higher Management of Defence,” he said.


The commandant said the joint training exercises would enhance the capacity of the participants to operate across the full spectrum of joint military operations.


He thanked the CDS for his insight, encouragement and material contribution towards making the maiden EX STRANEX a success.