Yusuf Ibrahim, the Maiduguri based fried fish seller who made news yesterday for causing a sheep that had eaten his fried fish to be arrested and detained by the police is N50,000 richer.

Honorable Husseini Monguno who is member of the Board of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) and a member of the APC presidential campaign council, appeared to have been impressed by the magnanimity of the fish seller and rewarded him with N50,000.

Hussaini Monguno said that the big heart exhibited by the fish seller and the capacity he exhibited of tolerating the sheep’s endless raids for five years, was impressive and highly magnanimous and thus deserving of his reward.

He remarked that his intention was to help Yusuf Ibrahim to recover from his loses and recapitalize.

He noted that small businesses such as Yusuf’s have the tendency to fall under the weight of being eaten up intermittently and can easily go under.

He called on animal owners to take care of their domestic animals by feeding them and disallowing them to roam the neighborhood to cause havoc to small business owners.
Meanwhile, efforts have began to get the account details of the beneficiary or in the alternative to look for an intermediary to hand over the money to him.

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