Nigerien Armed Forces eliminates several ISWAP/Boko Haram terrorists in the country

By; Zagazola Makama

The Nigerien Armed Forces (FAN) have eliminated several ISWAP/Boko Haram terrorists through its continued efforts of securing populations at the level of the various theatres of operations.

In the West, in the YARTI Operation Area, actions were carried out with partners on terrorist elements in the TIGUEZEFAN area, the raking made it possible to draw the following results: six (06) terrorists neutralised, three (03) motorcycles destroyed, five (05) weapons and ammunition damaged and two (02) abandoned motorcycles.

In addition, six (06) individuals were arrested in the same sector for criminal association in connection with terrorist groups. During the same period, a prosecution was initiated by an element of the detachment of SANAM against individuals with motorcycles. The results of this last action are: two (02) motorcycles seized, one of the suspects was neutralised and two (02) others arrested.

In the ALMAHAOU ZOP. when securing the market of DINGAZI two (02) individuals leviing taxes on traders were apprehended in the middle of the week. These funds have been given to the competent services.

At the end of the week, a unit of the operation was attacked by individuals with motorcycles. Her vigourous response made it possible to seize motorcycles abandoned by bandits in their
Leak. In the north of the country, in Defence zone No. 2, four (04) unregistered vehicles, loaded with about 7,300 beds of diesel, were intercepted earlier this week in the sector

Of IN-ABANGHARIT, twelve (12) fraudsters arrested and put to the Disposition of Services Regional Competent To Investigation.

One Intervention of the mixed detachment of
TABARKAT in the middle of the week made it possible to stop hit (08) armed bandits, seize two (02) vehicles, weapons and ammunition on the TABARAKAT-DJADO axis.

At Defence Zone No. 8, the Activities Operational conducted during the ten denier bears have Allowed to record the following balance sheet: three (03) armed bandits Presumed Arrested, Seven (07)
Clandestine gold miners Intercepts, one hundred and ninety-nine comma seventy-five 199.75) kilograms of shisha and a (01) satellite phone Thuraya Seized.


Other items included Seventeen (17) vehicles Without a plate Immobilised national mineralogy, a (01) trafficker of Illegal migrants and twenty-eight (28) intercepted migrants and Two (02) vehicles carrying forty-nine (49) cans of Sixty (60) litres of gasoline seized.

In the east of the country, a SECTOR 4/FMM patrol intercepted, earlier this week, food and equipment for BOKO HARAM terrorists near N'GUIGMI.

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